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SOME SAY WE’RE JUST FANATICS, using our selfish needs to create the most sophisticated, strenuously tested products available... but we call it pride...  pride in the promise to give you the absolute, hands-down, best of fly fishing excellence on your rod.

2013 is no exception. RIO’s cast members have donated literally thousands and thousands of hours on the water researching, designing and refining our products. All with one goal in mind – helping anlgers hook, land and turn loose more fish!

Single hand lines

Rio Dart

Rio Dart

Rio Gold

VerstiTip II

Outbound Short


Scandinavian Pike

Mainstream Trout

Mainstream Trout


Scandinavian Singlehand VersiTip Shootinghead

Sea Trout Shootinghead


AFS Scandinavian

Scandi Short VersiTip

Scandinavian Spey VersiTip Shooting Head

Skagit Short Head

Skagit Flight Shooting Head

Skagit iFlight

Skagit Flight VersiTip

Leviathan Shooting Head

RIO T-8, T-11, T-14, T-17, T-20


Skagit MOW Tip Light

Skagit MOW Tip Medium

Skagit MOW Tip Heavy

Skagit MOW Tip Extra Heavy

Intermediate Sink Tip, 3 m

Type 3 Sink Tip, 3 m

Type 6 Sink Tip, 3 m

Intermediate Sink Tip, 4,6 m

Type 3 Sink Tip, 4,6 m

Type 6 Sink Tip

Type 8 Sink Tip, 4,6 m

Shooting Lines & Tippet

Powerflex Core Shooting Line

SlickShooter Shooting Line

Powerflex Tipper

Steelhead/Salmon Tippet

Fluoroflex Freshwater Tippet

Fluoroflex Saltwater Tippet

Powerflex Wire Bite Tippet

Leaders & Backing

Spey VersiLeaders

Fly Line Backing - Dacron

Braided Loops 4 Pack with Tubing


Troothy Critter Pike Leader                           Shootinghead Stoarge Case

Shooting Head Wallet                                    Leader Wallet

Rio Hats

Rio Tee Shirt

        Rio Powerflex Braid